Some say that if life didn’t suck we’d fall off the Earth. Well, that statement might hold for your philosophy classmate at the community college but it’s no way to approach your website. The gravity (ahem) of the situation is that your website is no place to get existential—it needs to soar.

But many sites don’t make it far off the ground. Here are 7 signs that your website could be one of them.

1. You’re not absolutely stoked to share your URL. Your website is the face of your business. That face should be out there in the world, not stuck on a dusty business card.

2. It’s functional…and not much else. Functional is good. Functional and nothing else? Hey, just like the couch in the basement that you don’t want guests to see!

3. You haven’t touched it in years. Your website is not unconditionally cool like the the unplayed guitar that also hides in the basement. Love on it.

4. It’s not mobile friendly. Mobile devices dominate the day. Miss them, and you miss badly. Also, what’s the opposite of mobile? Immobile—stuck. Not good.

5. It looks more dated than competitors’ websites. Some things get better with age—websites often aren’t such things.

6. It’s not pleasant to use. Maybe it’s too complex. Maybe it tries too hard, like a “deep” 14-year-old writing a Facebook status. Chances are, if you don’t get it, others won’t, either.

7. It’s just not giving you what you need. You need leads, traffic, interest. You need conversation, but your website’s a poor partner. Dump it, and get what you deserve!

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