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9 reasons to use video on social media

By September 8, 2019May 13th, 2022No Comments
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It can feel like everyone is on social media.

In fact, nearly half of the world’s population – 3.48 billion people – use social media, and the numbers grow each year. Social media is constantly evolving, changing how we share information and communicate with each other. You already know social media is a key part of your marketing strategy, but what are you sharing on your channels? If the answer is not video, keep reading.

Online videos account for more than 80 percent of all Internet traffic, so it’s time to make video an integral part of your social media strategy. Here are 9 reasons why you should be using video on social media:

  1. Hook the viewer.

Visual content is more than 40 times more likely to get shared than content that only contains text. And when we’re talking visual elements, video trumps photos as the most engaging form of online communication. Video is splashy and allows you to capture viewers’ attention in mere seconds. Social media is not the place for long-winded descriptions of your products and services. Share a snippet that highlights something you offer, and make your viewers want to reach out for more information. The goal is to get to the point quickly, before they keep scrolling to find something more interesting. The average person watches more than 90 minutes of online video content per day, much of it on mobile devices, so businesses have increased opportunities to reach customers everywhere. And those customers are looking for more video content from brands they know and love.

  1.  Share news quickly.

So you have news that you want to broadcast to your potential customers. What are you going to do? Write a press release that will get overlooked by most media outlets and link it to your social media channels? Draft an in-depth description of your new offering to ensure consumers have all the details they need right out of the gate? No. You are going to put your company news in a video for maximum impact. You know people watch and crave video. You know they ignore long pages of text because they simply don’t have time to digest that much information in one sitting. Putting your news into video gives you the opportunity to share highlights, explain how products work and generate excitement about your brand and what it has to offer. It’s also more likely to be shared and gain you additional followers.

  1. Stand out from the crowd.

Be a unicorn in a field of horses. Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons. Be a Fruit Loop in a world of Cheerios. How many times have you heard some variation of these stand out from the crowd mantras? The point is, your business is not like every other, so why would you want your social media marketing to look like what other businesses are doing? The easiest way to distinguish yourself is to use video to tell your story. But remember, keep your videos simple. Focus on one topic or idea, and leave the viewers begging for more. Make sure you have a unique message and a call to action to rise to the top of the sea of content that is out there.

  1. Build brand recognition.

So you’ve created your videos and are ready to share them on social media. Not so fast. The average social media consumer is inundated with content on a daily basis, so you can’t leave anything to chance when it comes to marketing your brand. Every video you create should be watermarked with your logo for immediate brand recognition. And your videos should have a consistent feel to help you build a rapport with viewers and establish your company as relatable and trustworthy. Video allows you to create an emotional connection to your viewers. This connection helps them learn about your brand, understand your products and services and feel safe. Fifty-seven percent of consumers say videos give them more confidence to make an online purchase. When you’re talking about converting viewers to customers, this isn’t something you can afford to ignore.

  1. Get personal.

People like to see other people in videos. It puts them at ease and makes your brand more relatable. You might feel like you don’t have a reason to put a person in front of the camera. But it can be as simple as having an employee provide a tutorial on how a product works, sharing behind-the-scene glimpses into a day in the life at your company or interviewing a satisfied customer for a testimonial. When people hire your company, they are hiring the personalities of your employees as much as the skills you offer. When you can humanize your business, it makes humans want to work with and for you.

  1. Highlight your brand’s commitment to quality.

You have created relevant content, made it personal and have a strategy outlined for how to share it. Before you post, make sure the quality of your video matches the quality of your services. In a time when anyone can take a quick iPhone video, it’s important that your company stands apart from the YouTubers who do not represent legitimate brands. Make sure your audio and video quality are up to par to be taken seriously and establish your business as one that customers want to hire. Your message is only as good as its delivery, and you don’t want to ruin the brand recognition you’ve built by providing amateur video.

  1. Capitalize on SEO and trending topics.

Your content might be great, but unless people see it, it’s not helping your business. You know how to craft content that gets to the top of Google, and many social media channels use similar algorithms to collect the most popular content of the moment. Help your videos hit the top of the trending list by including descriptions and headlines that will show up in searches and entice people to watch. By keeping an eye on top news stories and viral content, you can tap into the topics that viewers are already following and establish your company as one that keeps pace with trends and is at the center of interesting conversations. Adding relevant hashtags, especially ones that can be used repeatedly, such as #MotivationMonday, #TuesdayTips or #WednesdayWisdom, will also boost your content across all social channels. Always remember to link back to your website to maximize conversions.

  1. Increase conversions and sales.

What is your end goal for your video? Are you trying to drive more people to your website, hire new dynamic members to your team or convince consumers to purchase your products? Maybe you just want to boost brand recognition and have people share your video once they’ve watched it. Keep that goal top of mind every time you post a new video. This will ensure the time you put into creating videos pays off the way you want. If they’re watching your content, they’re already interested. It’s your job to ensure that interest propels them to action, and video has been shown to accelerate sales cycles.

  1. Track engagement.

Your videos are interesting and informative. You’re following best practices for delivering high quality while also keeping them approachable. But are they working? Your social media strategy does not end when you post content. Follow-up is key to gather analytics and examine the number of views, shares and click-through rate of each video. This will help you determine what resonates with consumers and what needs to be tweaked next time for greater visibility and results.

So you know why you need video as part of your social media strategy. But maybe you don’t know where to start. Red Media Solutions provides a wide range of digital services to help you showcase your brand and increase your customer base. Reach out today and let us start putting video to work for your business.

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