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Building Blogs for Success: 12 Reasons Your Business Could Use a Blog

By April 7, 2019May 13th, 2022No Comments

Sorry about the pun. But we’re not sorry for loving blogs. There’s a lot to love, especially for a business trying to enhance its appeal to customers.

1. Your competition probably has one. Data published in 2018 by the Content Marketing Institute indicate that 79% of B2B companies and 70% of B2C companies incorporate blogs. If you’re not blogging, you’re providing your competition an advantage.

2. A blog allows you to show off. Used well, a blog will allow you to strut your stuff. You can show off your industry expertise in a way that allows for different creative freedoms than do other modes of advertising.

3. A blog establishes trustworthiness.  A well-written blog engages readers. Engage your readers while also showcasing your expertise, and you’ll look really good. It’s called ethos.

4. A blog fosters leads. Per the Content Marketing Institute’s, B2B business that maintain blogs receive 67% more leads than businesses that don’t use blogs. That suggests that blogs are an excellent means of moving customers to act on their trust.

5. A blog is good for getting people to do stuff.  If you’ve engaged people in your blog, they are more likely to engage in tangible ways, such as signing up for an email newsletter.

6. A blog keeps customers around. You can easily vary blog content. Featuring posts such as how-to articles, interviews, and company news create an exciting array of content with which readers can remain engaged. Engage them, and you’ll keep them.

7. A blog is a boon for SEO.  In a blog, you have all sorts of space to enrich posts with all-important keywords. That’s as close it gets to legally printing money.

8. A blog boosts your social media. The more substantial, personal content of a blog provides a wealth of interesting content to followers. Interesting content is a major factor in most decisions to follow.

9. A blog promotes backlinks to your site. Once your interesting content is out there and on the web, you have stable content to which others can link over time, increasing your leads.

10. It doesn’t take many resources to run a blog. It’s likely that a blog can be integrated into the CMS of your choice. Because it doesn’t require a ton of resources, a blog is relatively inexpensive.

11. A blog offers good ROI. For offering all of the above benefits at little cost, a blog provides an excellent return on investment.

12. Red Media Solutions can do most of it for you. You be the content expert, and we’ll put the rest out there.

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