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Missing Video Marketing Makes Your Business Outta Sight — And Not in a Good Way

By March 6, 2019May 14th, 2022No Comments
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The ‘70s were groovy for a lot of reasons—among those, the best rock ‘n roll ever made. But there are reasons why we’ve left behind much of the ‘70s aesthetic.


Well, mostly. Despite the fact that visual media is more prevalent than ever, many businesses do not use it to the fullest of their ability. Of course, these businesses have concerns: they fear that video marketing costs too much, returns too little, and maybe it’s just a little too new age, man.

Well, it’s time to cut the crack, Jack, and get hip to the video groove. Really, though—investing in video marketing is one of the safest and steadiest ways of growing your business.

Here’s a fast fact from this decade, as indicated by a 2016 survey:

In 2016, 63% of businesses were using video in their marketing strategy. That’s a significant majority. More importantly, that’s a majority that may very well contain some of your competition. So, if video is an advantage and if it becomes more popular, it’s a major advantage you may be ceding to competition.

Well, as it turns out, using video provides quite the advantage. Here are a few more facts from that same survey:

99% of businesses planned to continue using video in their 2017 marketing.
That number speaks to video’s success. But, even more significant, such a high rate of success is not likely to change overnight. In other words, the growth of video marketing is very stable; businesses begin using video all the time, but they very rarely stop.

82% of businesses felt video was an important part of their marketing strategy.
Not only did 99% of businesses think it was worthwhile to continue using video marketing, but 82% of businesses believed that video marketing was particularly worthwhile—enough to be called “important.”

83% of businesses believed that video provided good ROI.
This probably has something to do with them feeling that video is important.

Most tellingly, though—

82% of businesses will be spending more on video in 2017.
In the end, money talks loudest. Nothing says more about the effectiveness of video than people throwing money at it.

All of that suggests that you can’t afford *not* to use video. But you can also afford it: Red Media Solutions provides cost-friendly digital and video marketing guaranteed to boost your business’ visibility. Red Media is ready to help with each aspect of video production—from planning to editing’s final touches. Contact today, and let’s make money.

Be outrageous. Be visible. Be rad Red.

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