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Top 6 videos to post on your social media channels

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You know that video is a critical part of your social media strategy. But what types of videos should you post to have the greatest impact?

Remember that the best visual content evokes emotion. Think about what makes your brand unique and what information you most want to convey to your customers. How do you want viewers to respond to your video? Are you looking for engagement with the video itself, social shares for greater brand awareness or conversions that will boost your sales? Here are the top six types of videos that marketers say are the most engaging:

  1. How-to videos:

Tutorials are a great way to capture the attention of your audience and teach a new skill. Users are hungry for this type of content, and how-to videos abound online for everything from recipes to hairstyles to home repairs. Tutorial videos are also among the most shared on social media, and YouTube’s how-to searches grow by 70 percent each year. You might use a how-to video to explain how a product works or to provide a glimpse into a relevant industry topic. Like any social media video, how-to videos should be short and easy to follow. Think about the point of your video, show every step in the process and avoid industry jargon that could confuse viewers. Need some inspiration? Check out this roundup of 10 effective how-to videos and see what makes them appealing. And don’t forget to end every video with a call to action.

  1. Informational videos:

You are the expert on your business, so why not share some of that knowledge with potential customers? Informational videos do not have to be boring recitations of your products and services. Think about what you can teach your audience, and create videos that capture that expertise as well as the personality of your brand. These are likely to be videos people will share and refer back to frequently, as they are the backbone of what your business offers. Not sure what people most want to watch? Poll your social media followers to find out what interests them. Informational videos are also a great way to showcase a specific product since 73 percent more viewers will make a purchase after watching a product video. Informational videos are seen as more genuine than ads and resonate better with viewers.

  1. Behind-the-scenes videos:

People love to feel that they are part of the in crowd. Behind-the-scenes videos allow you to connect with customers by providing them a glimpse into your company’s culture and sharing information that most people never get to see. You might provide a peek into your manufacturing process, let viewers into the board room or just provide a day-in-the-life snapshot to show that your company is relatable and friendly. Including employees and customers in these videos is a great way to give viewers a feel for not just what your company offers but how you forge relationships. In addition to turning viewers into customers, this type of video is also helpful if your company is recruiting new team members.

  1. Interview videos:

Your followers likely have a lot of questions about how your business works and what you can offer. An on-screen chat with a team member, customer or industry leader is a great way to engage your audience by providing answers they’re seeking. It also gives you a break from content creation overwhelm because your guest should do most of the talking. Prepare for the interview by asking your social media followers to submit questions and telling them to tune in at a specific time to hear the answers. Your question-and-answer session can be pre-recorded or done live. Interviews are also a great way to share customer testimonials. People are more likely to believe that your company is great when you’re not the one telling them.

  1. Live videos:

If you already have a decent social media following, it might be time to incorporate live videos into your social media calendar. Live videos give you an opportunity to connect with the viewer in a more relaxed manner. They are also effective when you want to share an experience with viewers. Maybe you’re attending a trade show or conference and want to bring your customers into the space. Live videos are a great way to make announcements, showcase new services or highlight an employee or company culture initiative. Live video is never going to be as polished as other video types, but that’s OK. Viewers want to connect with you and get a feel for your brand’s personality. If you know you’re going live at a specific time, promote it to your followers ahead of time to ensure they tune in. You can even establish a regular livestream feature to give you consistent opportunities to check in with your audience.

  1. Contests and deals:

You have to give to get. Using a deal is a great way to convert followers into customers. Offer social media followers a chance at an exclusive sale or highlight a promotion that is only available for a limited time, and you will see your engagement soar. You can also host a contest that gives viewers a chance to snag a special offer if they engage with your video or refer others to you. Be sure to prominently feature the winners to create momentum for your next giveaway. You can even host a contest to encourage viewers to submit their best video content for you to feature on your channel.

No matter what type of video you’re sharing, some rules always apply. Make sure your audio and visual quality is top notch, focus on your message to ensure you’re getting your point across in the most engaging and succinct way, include a call to action and remember to have fun. Your videos should be as entertaining as they are informative to keep viewers coming back for more.

Now you have a list of the most popular types of videos to use on social media. If you’re ready to transform these ideas into video content that will showcase your business and engage your followers, Red Media Solutions is here to help. From planning to post-production, we’re with you every step of the way. Contact us today to find out how we can help you create the videos your business needs to thrive.

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