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Why You Should Promote Your Business with a Podcast

By April 11, 2019May 14th, 2022No Comments
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The landscape of the market is digital now, and there’s no getting around it. But, for all of its advantages, web marketing often lacks a personal touch. At best, a consumer might encounter an “about” section with a few decent blurbs breaking up generic corporate language. That’s…not great, actually—unless your company is also your customer.

Here’s a hard truth: customers can detect corporate-speak, and it repels them. It’s bad enough for employees to read, but at least you pay them—customers have no such interest. If your efforts to put a personal touch on your company make customers feel as though they have to punch a clock, you’re doing it wrong.

Fortunately, there are practical, productive ways to provide your business with the human touch. One way is blogging, which we discuss here. Another, more distinct way is making a podcast.

Yes, a podcast. Once a niche, underground medium, the podcast has become increasingly mainstream in recent years. In fact, it has become so mainstream that over half of the US population aged 12 and up has listened to a podcast, per this Edison Research survey.

There are several reasons for this popularity.

For one, podcasts don’t feel like advertisements that waste time. Typically conversational and tailored to a specific interest, podcasts are engaging to listeners. These features make podcasts intuitively appealing.

Also appealing is the convenience of the podcast. Because people need only listen to podcasts, they can engage without having to commit themselves as much as if they were reading. The multitasking-friendly podcast thus allows people to engage on their own terms, and that is not to be overrated in this day and age.

But, perhaps even more notable is the affordability and ease of crafting and sustaining a podcast. To make a podcast, all that is needed, apart from presenters, is some audio editing software and a few hours of time for preparation, presentation, and editing. Such efforts can create a permanent and personal connection to customers, giving you the potential to earn returns on your investment for as long as your podcast is published.

Even better, Red Media Solutions can do the hard work for you, using its expertise to carve out and curate a podcast that will establish a personality for your business. Contact Red Media Solutions today, and discover how much better color sounds.

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